starry struggles

i saw you struggle

while trying to figure out

where to put

those ceramic stars

in our room

(blue and white beauties).

i let you struggle

for the room and the stars

were equally yours.

you initially placed them

between our beds.

-i thought they looked great there

a few weeks later,

the struggle returned.

– you weren’t happy with their placement

so, i looked at your confused face

and smiled.

you walked all around with those stars

to find a suitable spot for them


you accidentally dropped them

and they broke into tiny little pieces.

this time,

it was you who looked at me

(expecting me to be upset).

but, i had no reaction.

“you bought them…”

you said with disappointment.

“i should’ve let them remain

where they were.”

“it’s fine,”

i replied.

“don’t worry.”

but, you were already worried.

over the next few minutes,

i saw you struggle (yet again)

while trying to figure out

how to fix

those ceramic stars

with whatever we had in our room

(blue and white shards).

with patience and time,

you turned those shards

into stars


i finally looked at you

with adoration.

-here’s how you made us last for so long


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