“bad breakups are like bad haircuts,” i said to my sister. “we look at them as permanent damage and consider them to be irreversible, but they get better with time.”
my sister understood my words much better than i myself did. perhaps, that’s why she didn’t cling on to the person she dated for two years and got engaged to a much better person (unlike me, who, even after four months of a breakup hasn’t forgotten a four week long relationship).

16 thoughts on “closure

  1. Sometimes the words we speak and write are meant to touch someone else. They make better sense to them in their present.
    We surprise ourselves then.

    Sometimes we should try to listen to the same words and make them work for us.
    Be well, sweet one. You’re just human. A beautiful one. Blessings. I wish you miracles. xoxo

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  2. You know it, yet you haven’t accepted this!!
    Well yes, bad hair cuts annoy for long, but time changes everything. With time, we start looking for other things, better people, people who deserve your time and love. 😁

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