tw: mentions of abuse

i sometimes wonder how the other victims i know might be feeling.

do their mothers cry the way mine does every time she realises that she can never fix me?

do they look for excuses to avoid working with cis men?

do they get breathless whenever they have to talk about how upset they (still) are?

do they silently sympathise with their abusers despite being denied justice?

do they find it tough to remain optimistic?

do they get asked “did you actually say ‘no’?” and “did you try to resist?”

do they get victim-shamed on whatsapp groups for their breakdowns and reactions?

do they hate their friends who sided with their abusers?

do they struggle to understand whether or not their friends who sided with their abusers enabled their abuse?

do they apologise to their ex-friends after referring to them as enablers?

do they feel alone all the time?

do they fear not finding a significant other because no one would want a third person (their past) in a monogamous relationship?

do they feel too ashamed, too embarrassed, and too scared to step out of their houses?

do they feel how i feel?


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