TW: rape, mentions of penis and vagina

CW: This post is a bit of a rant.


I thought it was a lucky year.

Oh! How foolish was I to believe that?

Why was it lucky? Because I got my predicted scores in board exams? Or because I had my first kiss that year? Or because I was happy in both school and college?

The truth is that I messed things up the most in 2019.

I was so disillusioned by the good things that I allowed someone to rape me in my own room a day before my 20th birthday. Yes, it was RAPE and I will not let anyone convince me about the fact that rape only includes vaginal or anal penetration because it doesn’t.

He raped every cell in my body and received just a ‘serious warning’ for whatever he had done.

Why did they favor him over me? Because I wasn’t lucky enough to be born with a penis between my legs?

Why did his friends enable his behavior? Because he had violated someone with a vagina and that wasn’t a big deal for them?

Why are the authorities trying to shut my mouth? Because I reported my own rape and chose to not remain silent?

The difference between having a penis or a vagina is so huge that many of us have to fight everyday to safeguard our basic rights.

Can I ask the ones (especially cis men) who say, “women should stop feeling sorry for themselves,” to kindly keep their mouths shut in front of me? Yes, I can and I will.