Right timing?

What’s my biggest regret?

Is it being with the wrong person or is it not ending things with the right person at the right time?

Perhaps, things would’ve ended beautifully if I would’ve accepted facts that I couldn’t even say out loud. Everything was right in front of me, but, I chose to ignore it throughout.

I was so worried about the future that I forgot I had a beautiful present which couldn’t be sacrificed for anything.

Was I scared of giving in without putting up a fight?

Was I scared that something this beautiful wouldn’t happen twice?

Or was I scared that someone as good as him wouldn’t enter my life again?

Today, as I look back, all I can say to myself is that no matter how intense and pure one’s love is, no one is under an obligation to be driven by it.

As long as we could manage to love and still live, we did that. Once I knew it was over, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t carry on with it.

Once you think it’s over, it’s over.




Many loves

Was it love or was it just me falling into a series of rebounds?

One guy. The perfect setup. His confession. His change of mind. Another guy. Heartfelt conversations. A lot of them. The perfect first date. Revelation about my personality. His change of mind. Another guy. His love. His change of mind. Another guy. His interest. The perfect first kiss. The perfect everything. His loss of interest. His interest in someone else. His departure. Another guy.

Is it love at first sight every time or do I force myself to fall for all of them in the mere hope that they’ll be better than the one who just left?

Is it that the present is what matters? Is the one who makes it beautiful irrelevant?

Do we keep falling in love and forgetting the past?